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This is why it's called "The Socialist Cult Of Mass Murder."

This is why it's called "The Socialist Cult Of Mass Murder."  It does not value Life. In fact, it promotes death at every turn.

John Nolte at Breitbart takes a look at this from the perspective of terminally ill patients, and offers a perspective of the underlying motives of ObamaCare by scrutinizing New York Times editor Bill Keller's article, which essentially advocates that the terminally ill should just shut up and die.

"...On the pages of the Sunday Times Keller reveals a monstrous philosophy that in so many ways is revealing of the elite left as a whole -- especially as it pertains to ObamaCare. In so many words, Keller just can't bring himself to understand why Adams doesn't give up her fight and die. In his mind, her death is inevitable and all she's doing is spending a lot of money that could be better spent elsewhere..."

Nolte's observations pack a wallop, and his article is certainly worth your time. (See that HERE)

American Culture is not deteriorating.  A deteriorated, degraded culture has invaded America and now exists within it.
[James 1:15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. Peter 3:20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.]
Constitutionalists are continually perplexed by the impositions of the Socialist Cult on Americans. There are incessant claims that our culture is dying or is being destroyed, or at the very least, that it is being perverted into something else.  These complaints are no accident. There is a constant barrage of propaganda assailing Americans to make it seem so.

But it is not so. The American Culture is not dying.  It lives in the hearts of Americans.  It is perhaps true that the Socialist Cult is advancing by increasing its ranks of adherents, but that hardly means that you are now a pervert because the Socialists insist on being perverted.
John 15:19 "...If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you..."
When a person "converts" to a religion or a belief other than the one that he subscribed to that was similar to yours, it does not make you like him or her.  Yes, if that cult gets large enough, you may suffer the consequences of not becoming an adherent, and be subject to persecution, but that still does not mean that you now believe and adhere to the beliefs of that cult. It does not mean that YOU have become degraded, nor that you have renounced your culture, your beliefs, your religion.

Even the mass murder of Jews at the hands of German socialists, did not cause the Jews to change their religion.

The American landscape, tolerant as it is, has experienced within the political and physical boundaries of the nation, the growth of a Socialist culture, which from the perspective of the Judeo-Christian fundamentals, is a decadent culture, hell-bent on self destruction. The constant and relentless barrage of Socialist culture via the propaganda machines of their media and their political activism provides the illusion that YOUR culture is deteriorating and dying.
Matthew 24:24 "...For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect..."
And the propagation of Socialist culture has relied on the propaganda that spews continually that THEY are Americans; that they just happen to be Americans of a different political stripe. Well, that's just a very clever way to market their cult to acquire new recruits.

American culture is not dying.  It has simply lost adherents to another religion, a religion of death, the Socialist Cult of Mass Murder. There are ways of preventing the loss of adherents to another religion.  I would say, get back to basics.  Stress the fundamentals.

Christian fundamentals are not about controlling or about acquiring political power.  Christian fundamentals are about emancipation: Freedom.  Christianity is about the emancipation of you, the soul.  It is not about you, the body. Christianity is about Life.
Luke 21:28 "...And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh..."
The product of Socialism is death. The statistics that tell the toll of death are an indictment of that cult: Six million Jews. Thirty to Sixty million souls at the hands of Soviet Russia.  Three million in Cambodia; millions more in China. And at the hands of the socialist mass murderers that have destroyed future generations, the abortionists, millions of innocents have been slaughtered.
Peter 5:8 KJV "...Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour..."
By the way, no one has ever been officially held accountable for the millions of deaths at the hands of socialist regimes.

Does that tell you something?

Here they are doing it again, this time in your own back yard.

Breitbart's Nolte puts it this way:

"...What the Kellers appear to be doing is worse than lobbying for euthanasia, which at the very least is a personal decision. From their elite perches, the Kellers are tag-teaming a woman hospitalized with Stage IV cancer as a selfish and narcissistic financial drain over the twin sins of aggressively fighting for her life and, through her example, possibly encouraging others to do the same...This is yet another glimpse into those I call 'Soylent Green Liberals.' The left's mask of compassion slipped late last year as they attempted to dismiss millions losing their health insurance as an overall positive.  And now the Kellers have given us another chilling example of those who are all too eager to sacrifice a few to serve some cold robotic vision of a cold robotic Utopia..."

This is not about a doubtful conspiracy theory or some esoteric idea that aliens from Pluto have invaded earth and are here to exploit our planet's resources.  This is not some far-fetched theory about reptilian ghouls living amongst us piping radio signals to a lizard civilization in another part of the galaxy.

This is about the cold, hard, brutal reality, that there is a cult that is dedicated to mass murder, operating in your midst, pretending to be one of you, and using your laws and your cultural values, your kindness and tolerance against you to advance, not just its political agenda, but its end-game, which is the eradication of not just individuals, but the entirety of your culture, including your religion.
John 4:3b "...and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world..."
This is not about trying to scare you into voting Republican or Libertarian. Nor is it about trying to scare you into not voting. It's not about being scared.

Quite the opposite.  You are a Free Being; an eternal Spirit; that is, if you subscribe to being Christian. And by incident of birth you are bound by the founding principles of your nation to uphold and defend your Constitution.

This is about standing up to the Socialist Cult of Mass murder, stalling its advancement, and taking it apart once and for all. It is not just a political party or movement. It is a cult.  And the god they worship is death.

This is why it's called "The Socialist Cult Of Mass Murder."

Vanguard of Freedom

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Arrogant Audacity Of A Tyrannical President

To The Point:

  • In typical doublespeak The Tyrant seeks the approval of Congress to attack Syria. He wants Congress complicit in a move that could send the nation into a conflict that may start World War III.
  • Yet The Tyrant states that he does not need Congressional approval. He says he has "statutory" authority to do whatever he wants, and if he does not get Congressional approval to attack Syria, he will do it anyway.
  • Approval by Congress of an attack on Syria puts The United States on the same side of al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11.  Our armed forces will have joined forces with the declared enemies of our people, enemies who have vowed to murder our people, conquer and subjugate our nation to their radical Islamist tyranny.
  • The Secretary of State of The Tyrant has stated that Arab countries will be financing the attack on Syria. Apparently the payment will be in money.  But he does not state how the Arabs intend to pay for the blood spilled by American troops or the Lives Lost in battle. By stating that Arabs will "finance" a Syrian attack by the U.S. The Tyrant's Secretary of State believes that the U.S. armed forces and your support are for sale... that we are mercenaries that will ally ourselves to anyone who buys us, and believes that we will sell ourselves to fight alongside al-Qaeda.
  • The Arrogant, Audacious, Tyrannical President, who has stated that he does not need Congressional approval to attack Syria (and is going to do it anyway), pretended to foster and host a debate on this issue, when his hidden intent is not a debate for an approval he does not need, but a debate to DIVIDE Congressional representatives and to position himself as a "decisive" leader.  Get that image?  Congress is divided. He is "decisive."
  • Already some of those who pretend to represent you in Congress, principally the, so called leaders of the "opposition" party, the Republicans, have joined with The Tyrant in his quest to attack Syria, because Syrian Dictator, Assad, allegedly used "gas" to attack his own people.  The message here is that it is o.k. for Syria to murder over 80,000 of its own people with guns, bullets, and bombs.  It's just not o.k. to do it with gas.

While The Tyrant divides Congress and monopolizes the limelight of his adoring propaganda press, he has diverted attention from the many scandals that plague his reign of failure and fiasco, to wit:

  • His supply of drug cartel terrorists in Mexico with weapons with which they have killed hundreds of Mexicans and slain an American Border agent.
  • His failure to render aid to and which resulted in the massacre of four Americans in Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up of this atrocity, which continues to this day.
  • His use of Government agencies to attack, intimidate, and subjgate political opponents, i.e., conservatives and Christians.
  • His use of Government agencies and private companies to Spy on Americans.
  • His arrogant and careless "leaks" of secure communications and information which resulted in the targeting and deaths of Special Forces/Seal Team operatives.
  • His unilateral, unconstitutional, arrogant changing of existing "LAW" and bypassing Constitutional procedure to exempt political supporters and special interest groups that he favors, specifically with regard to the Health Care legislation.
  • His use of the Justice Department to enforce laws against the states that he wishes to enforce, and to ignore and refuse to enforce existing laws that would protect Americans from invasive illegal immigration.
  • His use of government agencies to shut down American industrial sectors and kill thousands of jobs for Americans, while chanelling billions of dollars to businesses that have contributed to his political campaigns, yet whose business enterprises have failed miserably, i.e. the "Solyndra and others" scandals.
  • And so on, and so forth.
The Tyrant must answer for his Tyranny, and quit hiding behind the excuses that opposition to his anti-Constitutional agenda is because of the color of his skin or because of any racial or ethnic reason.

If you believe that Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds must unite against the arrogant, tyrannical President, who now wants to lead us into a regional and possibly a World War, and who continues to ignore and nullify the foundations and fundamentals of our nation, "sign" this message by sharing it and advancing opposition to the radical infringement of your rights and your Constitution by The Tyrant and his Administration of Failure and Fiasco.

Friday, July 19, 2013

"It's All About ME"... President Victim Inserts Himself Into Martin/Zimmerman Tragedy...

Just a few weeks ago O'Socialist was a Nelson Mandela wannabe, inserting himself into the news about Mandela's illness, while he (O'Socialist) was touting rights and freedoms for homosexuals in Africa.

When the Martin/Zimmerman tragedy was being made controversial by the Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME), our Nobel Prize winning President was inserting himself into that issue by saying that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.

Today it's "poor me, Trayvon Martin could have been me."

Of course it could have been him.  It could have been anyone, but, of course, not everyone is going around playing the victim.

There are three parts to this Victim Game the President is inviting you to play:

1.  Persecutor  2.  Rescuer   3.  Victim.

You can call this the PRV (PERV) Triangle.  This is a game described long ago by a man named Eric Berne, who wrote a book called "Games People Play."  He listed this particular game as a destructive game, not a healthy one.  Each "role" (Persecutor, Rescuer, Victim) entices, invites, or triggers, the other roles, so it was Berne's goal to identify the game, so that those who could spot it could "step outside" of the game and not be subject to its effects.  This was part of a form of therapy Berne developed called Transactional Analysis.  I am not here to argue pro or against T.A.  I only wish to point out the application of the PERV game with respect to racial politics and the manipulation by this agent provocateur-community organizer pretending to be President.

It appears that when someone assumes any of the three "roles" in that game, of PERV, it can stimulate, invite, entice, or trap someone else into identifying with that role, or identifying and assuming the role of one or the other roles.  It's a trick, like a spider luring its prey into a spider web that they can then not wrestle themselves out of.

By assuming the "victim" role, he sets up anyone who does not agree with him as either a rescuer or a persecutor.  The Rescuer will want to "rescue" the poor sod. The one trapped into being a persecutor by getting defensive will be deemed a villain.

There are no winners in this game, except that all participants "win" a LOSS, that is, everyone loses, and that is the end result of that game: Everyone loses, and losing is their "payoff."  (Note: this is a brief explanation of the game, and not a thorough exposition about it, as you may have already concluded.)

So how does one counter this destructive political tactic?

To be "outside" of the PERV game, simply refuse to play it.  Step outside of it. Identify it to others, and urge them not to play. There are many ways to refuse to play the game, such as:  "We understand that you might have been a victim at one time, but today you are not a victim, and it is not proper, nor correct for you to be covertly positioning others as victims, rescuers, or persecutors because you are a President of ALL the people and you should be rising above any racial conflict and uniting the nation, not dividing it."

I'm not advocating that you put that in a petition, but it might not hurt to do so.

The key here, is to not take the bait, and jump into the PERV triangle, because it is a set-up to make you lose.

And, by the way, anytime you enter that triangle you are subject to switching roles, and not always "voluntarily."

This is a despicable "game" to play, but it is used in personal relationships, as well as in group settings, and certainly in the political arena, and can be very destructive.

To the extent that it is being used on a national level, it would behoove anyone to opt out of this game for the good of the nation.

You might try to identify the various "players" in the game. For example, this administration casts the Tea Party and Conservatives in the roles of persecutors.  The Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME) have assumed the roles of "rescuers" (of the Obamistas).  And, of course, you have the Victim-In-Chief, Barack Obama, who often has even appeared publicly as a "victim" almost asking to be "rescued."

That is, of course, when he's not casting his voting blocs into the roles of victims, who are being persecuted by... well, you know who.

To be fair the other side of the political coin also plays the game.  Currently victimized Tea Partiers are being persecuted by the IRS.

Traditionally and culturally, however, Conservatives do not play the victim role very well, because being victims is not part of their spiritual or political philosophy.  Conservatives aspire to and practice Responsibility, Accountability, and tend to shun persecution and victimhood.

This is not bad thing for Conservatives to have, but it does make them vulnerable, when the Socialists turn on the PERV game, because, as the Soc's play victim, the Conservatives tend to get defensive, and wind up on the persecutor side of the equation.

And when you have a "rescuer" Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME), you have a perpetuity of the PERV game beaming into the multitude's consciousness day in and day out.  The only way to step outside of the PERV game in this instance is to create an alternative to the SLIME, and that would be Conservative or Tea Party media. That only works, though, if you turn off the SLIME, which shouldn't be too hard to do, since statistics show very few people watch them anyway.

Please note that I am not advocating for a "rescuer" media for Conservatives.  That's not something we need or want.  We do want a media that does its job, and by creating this media we begin to create at the grass-roots level a positive culture by promoting positively its values.

We already have a Conservative media aborning. It deserves your attention and support in order to grow and make extinct the SLIME and the Imperialist Socialist Sociopathic Culture of Mass Murder, which has a colonial grip on the American nation.

Vanguard of Freedom

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gov. To Judge: Please Drop This Case; We Didn't Know We Violated His Constitutional Rights...

Marine Veteran, Brandon Raub, was falsely arrested, forcibly detained, involuntarily held at a psychiatric facility for a week, and the FBI, Secret Service, and Local Police now argue that his claim against them should be dropped because they did not know they were violating his Constitutional rights. Raub's lawyers want the court to deny the Feds the motion to dismiss the case.

"...In asking the court to reject motions to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the arresting officers and mental health workers involved in Raub’s involuntary commitment, Institute attorneys challenged the government officials’ contentions that they did not know they were violating Raub’s First and Fourth Amendment rights, as well as the manner in which Virginia’s civil commitment statutes are being used to silence individuals engaged in lawfully exercising their free speech rights..."

The reason he was arrested, in the first place, was because of alleged controversial song lyrics and political views posted on his Facebook page.

Court documents show that Raub, was seized and detained as part of the federal government's "Operation Vigilant Eagle," a program that "...involves the systematic surveillance of military veterans who express views critical of the government..."

The existence of this program itself, the specific targeting of a particular group, in this case military veterans, is of course, itself, unconstitutional, but let's leave that for another article at another time.

In the Brandon Raub case, the government released Raub, after he lawyered up with civil rights attorney, John Whitehead, of the Rutherford Institute, who came to his aid, after being contacted by Raub's family, after his arrest on August 16, 2012.

The events leading up to his release include the following:
"...On Aug. 16, 2012, Chesterfield police, Secret Service and FBI agents arrived at Brandon Raub’s home, asking to speak with him about his Facebook posts. Like many Facebook users, Raub, a Marine who has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, uses his Facebook page to post song lyrics and air his political opinions. Without providing any explanation, levying any charges against Raub or reading him his rights, law enforcement officials handcuffed Raub and transported him to police headquarters, then to John Randolph Medical Center, where he was held against his will. In a hearing on Aug. 20, mental health personnel allegedly pointed to Raub’s Facebook posts as the reason for his incarceration. While Raub stated that the Facebook posts were being read out of context, a Special Justice ordered Raub be held up to 30 more days for psychological evaluation and treatment..." (according to Rutherford Institute Statement dated: July 17, 2013)
The Rutherford Institute attorneys declare that:
"...In coming to Raub’s aid, Institute attorneys challenged the government’s actions as procedurally improper, legally unjustified, and in violation of Raub’s First Amendment rights. On Aug. 23, Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett ordered Raub’s immediate release, stating that the government’s case was “so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.”
And a statement from the attorneys says that:
"...In filing suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Institute attorneys asked that the harm done to Raub by government officials be acknowledged, the violation of his First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights be rectified, and damages be awarded for the harm caused by the deprivation of his constitutional rights..."
Principal attorney in the case, President of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead said
"...It’s bad enough that the government is targeting military veterans for expressing their discontent over America’s rapid transition to a police state, but for any government official to suggest that they shouldn’t be held accountable for violating a citizen’s rights on the grounds that they were unaware of the Constitution’s prohibitions makes a mockery of our so-called system of representative government..."

Vanguard of Freedom

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