Friday, July 19, 2013

"It's All About ME"... President Victim Inserts Himself Into Martin/Zimmerman Tragedy...

Just a few weeks ago O'Socialist was a Nelson Mandela wannabe, inserting himself into the news about Mandela's illness, while he (O'Socialist) was touting rights and freedoms for homosexuals in Africa.

When the Martin/Zimmerman tragedy was being made controversial by the Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME), our Nobel Prize winning President was inserting himself into that issue by saying that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.

Today it's "poor me, Trayvon Martin could have been me."

Of course it could have been him.  It could have been anyone, but, of course, not everyone is going around playing the victim.

There are three parts to this Victim Game the President is inviting you to play:

1.  Persecutor  2.  Rescuer   3.  Victim.

You can call this the PRV (PERV) Triangle.  This is a game described long ago by a man named Eric Berne, who wrote a book called "Games People Play."  He listed this particular game as a destructive game, not a healthy one.  Each "role" (Persecutor, Rescuer, Victim) entices, invites, or triggers, the other roles, so it was Berne's goal to identify the game, so that those who could spot it could "step outside" of the game and not be subject to its effects.  This was part of a form of therapy Berne developed called Transactional Analysis.  I am not here to argue pro or against T.A.  I only wish to point out the application of the PERV game with respect to racial politics and the manipulation by this agent provocateur-community organizer pretending to be President.

It appears that when someone assumes any of the three "roles" in that game, of PERV, it can stimulate, invite, entice, or trap someone else into identifying with that role, or identifying and assuming the role of one or the other roles.  It's a trick, like a spider luring its prey into a spider web that they can then not wrestle themselves out of.

By assuming the "victim" role, he sets up anyone who does not agree with him as either a rescuer or a persecutor.  The Rescuer will want to "rescue" the poor sod. The one trapped into being a persecutor by getting defensive will be deemed a villain.

There are no winners in this game, except that all participants "win" a LOSS, that is, everyone loses, and that is the end result of that game: Everyone loses, and losing is their "payoff."  (Note: this is a brief explanation of the game, and not a thorough exposition about it, as you may have already concluded.)

So how does one counter this destructive political tactic?

To be "outside" of the PERV game, simply refuse to play it.  Step outside of it. Identify it to others, and urge them not to play. There are many ways to refuse to play the game, such as:  "We understand that you might have been a victim at one time, but today you are not a victim, and it is not proper, nor correct for you to be covertly positioning others as victims, rescuers, or persecutors because you are a President of ALL the people and you should be rising above any racial conflict and uniting the nation, not dividing it."

I'm not advocating that you put that in a petition, but it might not hurt to do so.

The key here, is to not take the bait, and jump into the PERV triangle, because it is a set-up to make you lose.

And, by the way, anytime you enter that triangle you are subject to switching roles, and not always "voluntarily."

This is a despicable "game" to play, but it is used in personal relationships, as well as in group settings, and certainly in the political arena, and can be very destructive.

To the extent that it is being used on a national level, it would behoove anyone to opt out of this game for the good of the nation.

You might try to identify the various "players" in the game. For example, this administration casts the Tea Party and Conservatives in the roles of persecutors.  The Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME) have assumed the roles of "rescuers" (of the Obamistas).  And, of course, you have the Victim-In-Chief, Barack Obama, who often has even appeared publicly as a "victim" almost asking to be "rescued."

That is, of course, when he's not casting his voting blocs into the roles of victims, who are being persecuted by... well, you know who.

To be fair the other side of the political coin also plays the game.  Currently victimized Tea Partiers are being persecuted by the IRS.

Traditionally and culturally, however, Conservatives do not play the victim role very well, because being victims is not part of their spiritual or political philosophy.  Conservatives aspire to and practice Responsibility, Accountability, and tend to shun persecution and victimhood.

This is not bad thing for Conservatives to have, but it does make them vulnerable, when the Socialists turn on the PERV game, because, as the Soc's play victim, the Conservatives tend to get defensive, and wind up on the persecutor side of the equation.

And when you have a "rescuer" Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME), you have a perpetuity of the PERV game beaming into the multitude's consciousness day in and day out.  The only way to step outside of the PERV game in this instance is to create an alternative to the SLIME, and that would be Conservative or Tea Party media. That only works, though, if you turn off the SLIME, which shouldn't be too hard to do, since statistics show very few people watch them anyway.

Please note that I am not advocating for a "rescuer" media for Conservatives.  That's not something we need or want.  We do want a media that does its job, and by creating this media we begin to create at the grass-roots level a positive culture by promoting positively its values.

We already have a Conservative media aborning. It deserves your attention and support in order to grow and make extinct the SLIME and the Imperialist Socialist Sociopathic Culture of Mass Murder, which has a colonial grip on the American nation.

Vanguard of Freedom

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