Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Arrogant Audacity Of A Tyrannical President

To The Point:

  • In typical doublespeak The Tyrant seeks the approval of Congress to attack Syria. He wants Congress complicit in a move that could send the nation into a conflict that may start World War III.
  • Yet The Tyrant states that he does not need Congressional approval. He says he has "statutory" authority to do whatever he wants, and if he does not get Congressional approval to attack Syria, he will do it anyway.
  • Approval by Congress of an attack on Syria puts The United States on the same side of al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11.  Our armed forces will have joined forces with the declared enemies of our people, enemies who have vowed to murder our people, conquer and subjugate our nation to their radical Islamist tyranny.
  • The Secretary of State of The Tyrant has stated that Arab countries will be financing the attack on Syria. Apparently the payment will be in money.  But he does not state how the Arabs intend to pay for the blood spilled by American troops or the Lives Lost in battle. By stating that Arabs will "finance" a Syrian attack by the U.S. The Tyrant's Secretary of State believes that the U.S. armed forces and your support are for sale... that we are mercenaries that will ally ourselves to anyone who buys us, and believes that we will sell ourselves to fight alongside al-Qaeda.
  • The Arrogant, Audacious, Tyrannical President, who has stated that he does not need Congressional approval to attack Syria (and is going to do it anyway), pretended to foster and host a debate on this issue, when his hidden intent is not a debate for an approval he does not need, but a debate to DIVIDE Congressional representatives and to position himself as a "decisive" leader.  Get that image?  Congress is divided. He is "decisive."
  • Already some of those who pretend to represent you in Congress, principally the, so called leaders of the "opposition" party, the Republicans, have joined with The Tyrant in his quest to attack Syria, because Syrian Dictator, Assad, allegedly used "gas" to attack his own people.  The message here is that it is o.k. for Syria to murder over 80,000 of its own people with guns, bullets, and bombs.  It's just not o.k. to do it with gas.

While The Tyrant divides Congress and monopolizes the limelight of his adoring propaganda press, he has diverted attention from the many scandals that plague his reign of failure and fiasco, to wit:

  • His supply of drug cartel terrorists in Mexico with weapons with which they have killed hundreds of Mexicans and slain an American Border agent.
  • His failure to render aid to and which resulted in the massacre of four Americans in Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up of this atrocity, which continues to this day.
  • His use of Government agencies to attack, intimidate, and subjgate political opponents, i.e., conservatives and Christians.
  • His use of Government agencies and private companies to Spy on Americans.
  • His arrogant and careless "leaks" of secure communications and information which resulted in the targeting and deaths of Special Forces/Seal Team operatives.
  • His unilateral, unconstitutional, arrogant changing of existing "LAW" and bypassing Constitutional procedure to exempt political supporters and special interest groups that he favors, specifically with regard to the Health Care legislation.
  • His use of the Justice Department to enforce laws against the states that he wishes to enforce, and to ignore and refuse to enforce existing laws that would protect Americans from invasive illegal immigration.
  • His use of government agencies to shut down American industrial sectors and kill thousands of jobs for Americans, while chanelling billions of dollars to businesses that have contributed to his political campaigns, yet whose business enterprises have failed miserably, i.e. the "Solyndra and others" scandals.
  • And so on, and so forth.
The Tyrant must answer for his Tyranny, and quit hiding behind the excuses that opposition to his anti-Constitutional agenda is because of the color of his skin or because of any racial or ethnic reason.

If you believe that Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds must unite against the arrogant, tyrannical President, who now wants to lead us into a regional and possibly a World War, and who continues to ignore and nullify the foundations and fundamentals of our nation, "sign" this message by sharing it and advancing opposition to the radical infringement of your rights and your Constitution by The Tyrant and his Administration of Failure and Fiasco.